Capture Your Style Session


Need assistance in refining your individual style? Unsure where to look for pieces to suit your wardrobe and preferred tastes?


Capture your style in a 1 Hour session. Through discussion and visual assistance, find your own personal individual style and learn where to shop and what pieces to add to your wardrobe that will be timeless to your collection.


The perfect start to get your ideas and motivation flowing.




Includes :

  • Emailed Mood-Board after session for inspiration of suitable styles.

Special Event Outfit Session


This is perfect for if you have a wedding, birthday, graduation, presentation night, the races or any special event coming up that you need an outfit for. Depending on your event and location I can either assist with a shopping session or digital flatlay styling, and work in finding a head-to-toe outfit to suit your shape, personality and individual style that works within your budget! This session is quoted upon completion of a Client Questionnaire, to determine how I can best assist and the level of work required. You can also book in a Complimentary Consultation so we can work out what will suit the project best!


$70.00 Per Hour (Most projects usually require 2 Hours)


Includes :

  • Customised Client Questionnaire prior to session to ensure appropriate research and recon conducted.



Digital Flatlay Styling 


Live away or don’t have the time to book a one-on-one session? Opt for Digital Flatlay Styling instead! Available for a large range of services, I can create a range of digital flatly for you to give you overall outfits/styles suited to your budget and needs. These can be as in-depth as giving you hair and makeup ideas to compliment the overall look also.

I source garments and accessories from a large range of boutiques, and help to give you inspiration for your look, and where to purchase from. This has been a popular choice for brides, as well as Red Carpet celebrities who potentially don’t have the time to shop.


Price on Application



Wardrobe Audit


A Wardrobe Audit is a 2 hour session in which I come and fully dissect your wardrobe with you. I give you a Body-shape Analysis with Ratio Assessment and seasonal Colour Assessment so that we can determine what styles to keep in your wardrobe and why, what styles to perhaps part with and why and what to incorporate so that you can maximise your current garments to their full potential.


I’ll assist you in giving your wardrobe a good clean out, as well as allow you to ask any questions about ways to wear things or how to mix and match current pieces for multiple outfits. I serve as a fresh set of eyes, and can help you to get wearing those pieces you’re a little unsure of with tags.




Includes :

  • Body-Shape Analysis with Ratio Assessment.
  • Customised Client Questionnaire prior to session to ensure appropriate research and recon conducted.
  • Emailed Wardrobe Basics Document to assist with Wardrobe Management.



Bridal + Wedding Styling & Planning 


I can work on any area of styling or planning your wedding, and can serve as a creative eye to ensure your theme and vision can be brought to life. I can assist with overall theme styling and design, or for any fashion-based component like styling you, your partner, your accessories or your entire bridal party.

I serve to ensure your theme is consistent, stylish and reflects your journey and can take away some of the stress associated with your wedding. Same-sex weddings welcomed also. Digital Flatlay Styling available for this service also if you aren’t local to my area – Please view the weddings section for more information.


Price on Application

Personal Styling Session


This session goes over everything and is a popular choice for clients. This session can be booked for minimum 2 hours and up-to 4 hours, depending on how in depth you would like to go. After giving a Body-shape Analysis with Ratio Assessment and seasonal Colour Assessment, I then take you around to a range of shops and educate you on how to dress for work, day-to-day, weekend and special occasions, and find an array of outfits to suit your lifestyle and needs.


This session is great for if you want a little hand with learning how to dress to suit your shape, personality and style and to learn what’s around town that you can really maximise on! This session covers information on head-to-toe dressing.


$110.00 per hour.


Includes :

  • Body-Shape Analysis with Ratio Assessment.
  • Seasonal Colour Assessment.
  • Customised Client Questionnaire prior to session to ensure appropriate research and recon conducted.
  • Extensive Research & Recon of suitable styles prior to session – 1.5 Hours.
  • Emailed Wardrobe Basics Document to assist with Wardrobe Management.
  • Emailed Digital Review and Moodboard complete with shoppable links for continual support and inspiration.
  • Continual Support and Communication after session as needed by Client.

Virtual Wardrobe Walkthrough


My first Virtual Styling Consultation is here!

Via a 1 Hour Zoom Meeting, we will take a virtual tour of your wardrobe, and discuss and review current styles, key pieces to incorporate to maximise it to it’s full potential and ways in which to structure and organise your wardrobe to create a clean, consistent flow.

We will review ways in which you can mix and match current styles, and work through key styling tips such as accessorising and incorporating seasonal trends.

A session that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, to leave you feeling motivated and inspired!




Includes :

  • Virtual Zoom Consultation.
  • Customised Client Questionnaire prior to session to ensure appropriate research and recon conducted.

Photoshoot / Event Styling


Bring your individual or businesses vision to life with editorial, commercial or event styling. I work diligently with you and your team to provide a visually striking project, ensuring your creative wishes and specified requests are met.


Perfect for advertising or marketing purposes, I deliver Photoshoot Styling to the highest standard, ensuring your ideas are brought to life with extreme attention to detail and a creative edge.


Price on Application

Runway Styling


Give your label a different edge in the big lights with Runway Styling. I help clients to bring their vision to the platform and can style everything from outfit to hair and makeup, right through to the overall theme of the range.


I work with you to ensure your label is represented in its best light, through diligent planning and attention to every area, so that nothing of your label goes unnoticed.


Price on Application



Red Carpet Styling


I offer Red Carpet Styling for a range of high-profile events, to ensure you create a memorable statement. I work with you to express your individuality and taste, whilst keeping in line with current trends and styles. Through work with a number of Couture Designers and Boutiques, I am able to ensure you are looking your best and feeling confident in your look.

No event is too big or small, and I take pride in the level of assistance and attention to detail I provide my clients in this area. Digital Flatlay Styling available for this service – Enquire Within.


Price on Application



Business – Social Media Co-ordinating and Consulting


In a world where Digital Marketing is crucial for a businesses success, we must work to ensure our brands vision is represented to the best of its ability. With a fast-paced business, the creation of content and management of your Social Media platforms can become difficult and overwhelming.


I work diligently with a range of businesses to ensure that through the use of visual appeal, Hashtags and their ever-growing following, they are reaching and engaging with a wide audience, boosting their online presence both nationally and internationally.


I can customise packages to suit you or your businesses needs and work as a fresh set of eyes, creating and or managing interesting and engaging content whilst working to assess and measure the success of strategies used.


Price on Application